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Tempered glass explode little knowledge, you get to?
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Tempered glass explode little knowledge, you get to?

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2017/07/20 15:23

  In the tempered glass is tempered glass explode under no direct mechanical impact of automatism seizure came apart at the scene.self - shattering many of the elements,

  briefly summarized in the following:

  ①、There are stones in the glass, impurities, bubbles in the glass caused by the impurities in the tempered glass is thin, the stress is converged.In particular if the calculus at the tempered glass of the region of tensile stress as the cause of the burst in the middle of important elements.

  ②、Second, the glass contained in the crystalline nickel sulfide, nickel sulfide crystal phase change due to a change in the volume of the tempered glass explode.

  ③、 the outer glass due to improper operation or machining process is configured as a result of scratches, fried or deep, and the like are easy to form the stress converged or cause the tempered glass explode.

  ④、 to distribute the stress in the tempered glass is not uniform, offset or stress is too high.

  Generally, glass shattering is machining process occurs with a status of the elements 3, 4 are in the majority; the glass factory after shattering is to condition (1) and (2); The glass apparatus is completed normally in the future to condition 1.

  How to tell if the tempered glass explode?

Toughened glass shattering is tempered with external force impact crushing differs essentially from the "initiation" of distinction.The glass is usually tempered glass explode on initiation of the base.Base on initiation of a butterfly - like fragments, commonly known as the "butterfly".

Toughened glass external force impact crushing in the crushing impact points usually visible traces, no butterfly.Broken glass from the impact point is radioactive.

Self - rating, we don't know what it is?

Because there is such a toughened glass shattering is objective.According to the domestic and overseas data calculation, generally every 4 tons of glass will have a "kamikaze" turned out the detail of a conventional glass sheet number, i.e. is the industry of 1.3 per 1,000 children under five.From the engineering practice, the quality of the float glass sheet, glass, or the layout of big and small, technology and consum operating condition of the probability of explosion.

The float glass sheet quality on the explosion probability of impact is in the resolution.(f) (i) the float glass sheet produced in the process of placer, batching, fuel, and even the crusher in the using of a nickel - iron alloy lining plate. the resolution of the material constituting the nickel sulfide; (2) the float production process in material handling, melting and molding technology, refractory corrosion and the like, determines the glass mastering of stones, the number of bubbles and impurities.The float glass production process in the cold end of impurities detected with standard resolution processing technique by the water flow to the processing plant the raw mass.

In the process of impact shattering is consum the probability of the elements are represented as follows: first, the edge portion of the processing quality of the glass edge of the micro - crack toughening has had a direct impact on the process of shattering is.Together with the edge portion of the rough treatment of the glass, in the device due to the enforcement in the edge of the glass to the extension of a bottom of the situation.The tempering stress is higher, the higher the probability that the tempered glass explode.

What is heat soak?

Hot - dip decline in tempered glass explode of probability principle, we don't know what it is?

Hot - dip process is called homogenization, commonly known as the "priming".Hot dip processing is processing in which the tempered glass is heated to 290. degree. C.. + 10 DEG C, and certainly at the time, to facilitate vulcanization nickel in toughened glass rapidly after crystallization phase transition, and the originally applied only after perhaps tempered glass shattering is artificially cut short in a crushing plant of the hot - dip furnace, then the apparatus can be reduced after applying in the tempered glass explode.This method is commonly used as a medium to be heated by hot air, referred to as" Heat Soak Test ", abbreviated HST) appears, the hot - dip process.

Hot - dip.In principle, the hot - dip process is neither complex nor difficult.But this technique actually reaches the target very easy.Workshop, nickel sulfide in glass detailed chemical structure are useful in a variety of ways, such as Ni7S6, NiS, NiS1. 01 etc. of different types, including various components and of the Council, and the like, and perhaps other doping elements.Which is related to the speed of the phase change is highly dependent on the temperature unevenness.Studies show that when the rate of transformation of 280. degree. C. was set to 250. degree. C. to 100 - fold, and there is therefore a need to maintain the oven within each glass block experience the same temperature.Otherwise, on the one hand, a low temperature of the glass due to the heat preservation time is unsuccessful, the nickel sulfide cannot thoroughly change, weakens the effectiveness of the hot - dip.On the other hand, when the glass temperature is too high, or even cause the reverse phase of nickel sulfide, perhaps too high stress in the tempered stresses decreased too much, much greater danger.Both conditions will cause the hot - dip process would be a futile or even backfired.

With the corresponding calculation from abroad in the strict meaning of the hot - dip after fall of toughened glass shattering is the probability drops to 400 tons of glass, an example of the explosion probability can be decreased by two orders of magnitude.Because from the strict meanings is not absolutely clear toughened, if not a hot glass dip also cannot check; together with the hot - dip technology for a lot of time, labor, equipment and technology request is high, and thus not many domestic standard of production enterprises, often leave hot dip or not thoroughly hot dip also affects the hot - dip technology in domestic.