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Guangxi Huakai Glass Co., Ltd.

Address: Litang town in Binyang County, Nanning Municipality of Guangxi Industrial Shigu Industrial Park

Tel: 0771 - 8246828                                              Fax: 0771 - 8246808

Email: zhenwutan@163.com                                Website: www.gxhykglass.com

Chinese - language web sites:华凯玻璃.网址


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Yikai Glass

Yikai Glass

Guangxi Yikai Glass Co., Ltd.

Guangxi billion Kai Glass Technologies Limited Company is located in Binyang county, Guangxi Nanning to Litang town in Binyang County address Shigu Industrial Park, Fenghuang Road, No. 3, glass deep processing project Total investment of RMB 1 billion yuan, the project covers a land area of 40 acres, of items relating to the south in the first fully automatic production line,With an annual capacity of 380 thousand square meters and a tempered glass, hollow glass 100 thousand square meters and a building area of 20 thousand square meters and a laminated glass, fireproof glass and door window panes 40 million square meters, The completion of the project will realize annual output value of about 3 billion yuan, an annual tax - free to about 500 yuan.