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Guangxi Huakai Glass Co., Ltd.

Address: Litang town in Binyang County, Nanning Municipality of Guangxi Industrial Shigu Industrial Park

Tel: 0771 - 8246828                                              Fax: 0771 - 8246808

Email: zhenwutan@163.com                                Website: www.gxhykglass.com

Chinese - language web sites:华凯玻璃.网址


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Contact information

Contact information


Telephone:0771-8246828                           Fax:0771-8246808

E-mail:zhenwutan@163.com                   Website:www.gxhykglass.com


Address of Headquarters: Shigu Ridge Industrial Park, Litang Industrial Concentration Zone, Binyang County

Nanning Office, Guangxi Huakai Glass: 1503, J3 building Cenavilla Garden (No. 6, Fenghuangling Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning)

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