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Toughened - how clean? What are the characteristics of the toughened glass?
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Toughened - how clean? What are the characteristics of the toughened glass?

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2017/09/02 19:15

  Toughened glass is particularly popular among the people, and life among the application amount is also not very widespread, such as tempered glass door with tempered glass table and so forth, but on the tempered glass, that people will need to learn how to clean, so every day they can adhere to glass - and - clean clean,Toughened glass How Clean is certainly a need to understand the problem.What are the characteristics of the toughened glass can attract so many fans.

  Toughened - how clean?

  1, usually toughened glass is able to direct the water flushing is possible, in the case of using the high purity of the distilled water to flush the better, remember to clean in the tempered glass is not capable of using secondary water washing, but in the cleaning process to prevent knock, the tempered glass to have a good maintenance.

  2, is not prevented from living in a glass with the grime of grease, which, as we all know, oil and water are immiscible with one another, so that it is possible to alter the glass on a handful of kerosene and dry your clothes.The paint on the glass is to let people get headaches of a problem with a rag dipped in vinegar to scrub the minority will play very good results.Usually we can chalk dust when cleaning the glass is dipped in the water, thus wiping out the glass and bright white.

  3. Tempered glass door in better and later been presented under a plurality of traces, corresponding to the case of cleaning, we need to be tempered prior to use of a few toothpaste, which would let the toughened glass doors and windows and bright white.New home decoration indoor plastering wall often can not take care to stick to a lime glass on the tower, wherein the dry substance with a damp cloth does not easily erased, then the fine sand until the very good effect, sponge the material with a handful of sand, gently wipe the glass will very easily get lime mottle.

  What are the characteristics of the tempered glass there?

  1, the tempered glass has security, mostly from a human body to facilitate the maintenance of said that, if tempered by a large external force is destroyed after the debris is small blunt cellulated, so it is possible to reduce the damage to human body.The tempered glass has high strength, in much the same as the thickness of the case of tempered glass impact resistance and bending resistance are generally three to five times that of glass.Toughened glass stability, glass is a generally accepted difference of three times, having three Baidu temperature change acceptance capability.

  2. High - strength: the equal thickness of tempered glass impact strength of glass is generally 3 ~ 5 times, the flexural strength of glass is generally 3 ~ 5 times.Thermal stability: The tempered glass has good thermal stability, acceptable to the general glass is a temperature difference of 3 fold, can accept 200. degree. C. temperature change.

  3. Tempered glass despite the strong strength than ordinary glass, tempered glass in the temperature difference is changed by a large explosion when there is the possibility of break (own), but generally there is no possibility of spontaneous breakage of the glass.

  How to Clean a tempered glass, toughened glass cleaning necessary to grasp the approach, which would ensure the tempered glass is not damaged, and can again be of a very clean clean clean, make people look like they're relatively happy, what are the characteristics of the toughened glass, his specialty is still very much, also because of this,More and more people were like, in the life of the country are in great demand.