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Reflective Glass

coated glass () architecture schools in the development of architectural glass in an increasingly high requirement and is required to have the proper lighting function of the line of sight and a good
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Reflective Glass

Aesthetics of the building development, architectural glass and higher, and is required to have the proper lighting function of the line of sight and a good shielding effect, and require it to have a certain energy saving and the colorful, flowery decoration effect, heat reflective coated glass can satisfy the above requirements.Heat reflective coated glass is also called sunlight control coated glass or glass male, is a vacuum magnetron sputtering method, the quality of float glass is coated on the surface of the attached film layer made of special material.A set of film materials and the film layer combination, can be accurately proportional control of the direct solar radiation, is transmitted and absorbed, and to obtain the required color.

Aldred said:

. diamond - solid. are effectively limited throughout the solar energy directly to the incident amount of radiation, this positive effect is obvious.

◆ colorful reflection color tone and excellent decorative effect

This paper accomplished the object in the room and building element having a good line - of - sight velocity of the drain function.

◆ higher star wants to pass visible light reflection ratio and the ratio, outside of the case through the bowel.Good energy saving effect.


*meter range

◆ hot summer sun blazing areas

Requirements of building decorative color (. diamond - solid.

◆ requires outdoor drain effect of train speed - of - sight of the steaming and construction specifications



◆ size:

standard large glass ruler ten: 2440 * 3660m; 2440 x 3300mm; 2134 x 300mm

Maximum size: 2540 x 4500mm

Minimum dimensions: 300 * 800mm

◆ thickness: from 3 to 19mm


*Quality Standard:

◆ meet CBT189151 2002 - Coated Glass" national standard

. diamond - solid. in safety through national CCC authentication


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