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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass (glass) in the laminated glass is sandwiched between polyvinyl butyral (PVB) under high temperature and which is made out of composite glass.PVB film of very good toughness, in the lam
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laminated glass(Laminated Glass)

In the laminated glass is sandwiched between polyvinyl butyral (PVB) under high temperature and which is made out of composite glass.PVB film of very good toughness, in the laminated glass is subjected to external force is higher in the case of violent impact, the film layer will absorb a large amount of impact energy, and rapidly attenuates a central layer of the glass is difficult to take out, even if the laminated glass is broken, glass pieces substantially adhere on the film, holding the entire laminated glass debris does not fall off.So it becomes a real sense of safety glass.



. diamond - solid security, since the PVB film and glass firmly between the toughness of the bond, regardless of vertical or oblique installation can resist external force impact, preventing penetration.aDenier carbon glass was broken, its fragments and the intermediate film are glued together, can be avoided due to the reduction of glass falling causes personal injury or property damage, the monolith and the glass remains relatively intact, control may continue to resist the blows and the rain.

UV control (. diamond - solid.: a PVB film having UV - filtering function, the PVB film can absorb at least 99. 5% of the ultraviolet rays.Special PVB film also enables the laminated glass with the respective control light transmittance of the function of preventing glare.To thereby protect indoor furniture, plastics, textiles, carpets, objets d 'art, as an attack on the products from ultraviolet radiation due to fading and aging.

◆ decorative effect, can be placed within a sandwich of Handmade paper or may be printed with various patterns of the PET film, by shaping and elegant decorative effect.

Article 7.2 of the heat - insulating energy - saving, can effectively reduce the sun light and reduce the refrigeration energy consumption.

◆ with bulletproof, explosionproof: PVB in property, is capable of absorbing even withstand bullets and bombs from the fields of impact energy, so that a bullet or shrapnel that cannot penetrate.


*the scope of application

Due to the characteristics of the laminated glass, and is widely used in building street doors, curtain wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, cabinet is empty, the whole, this smile, bigArea of glass walls, etc.



Maximum ten - foot (. diamond - solid.: 2500*6000mm bent sandwich size depends on the size of the sag - bending glass

original thickness (. diamond - solid.: 3 - 19

◆ film thickness: 0.38 mm and 0. 38mm of multiples

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