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LOW - E glass type sunshade

LOWE glass sunshade type aquatic product characteristics: It is taking the appropriate transmittance of visible light, outdoor light shielding properties are: relatively low solar energy transmittance
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LOWE type sunshade glass

aquatic product characteristics:

◆ suitable transmissivity of visible light, outdoor light shielding properties are:

◆ low solar energy transmittance, and is effective on the large male thermal radiation entering a room:

Article 7.2 of the extremely high in the far - infrared reflectance, limiting outdoor objects of the secondary radiation into the room.


Mi scope:

Applicable to the south and the north of the region.The products not only limit the large male winter portion of thermal energy into the room, and in summer can restrict more solar energy entering a room, because the winter sun can be the intensity of the summer is only around 1 / 3, and thus insulation performance is not affected.From the energy saving effect, it is not lower than the high permeable type sunshadeType;

. diamond - rich decorative outdoor play an important role in the realization of the shielding effect, applicable to each type of building;

Article 7.2 of the synthesized glass is used, the energy saving effect is more obvious.

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