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Insulat ing Glass

Insulating glass (IGU) by two or more pieces of glass, filled inside the efficient molecular sieve adsorbent of the aluminum box interval of certain width of space at the side, and then sealant and ad
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hollow glass(Glass)

Consists of two or more pieces of glass, filled inside the efficient molecular sieve adsorbent of the aluminum box interval of certain width of space, then a high strength edge sealant which is adhered to the glass assembly.In accordance with the band to use the conventional clear glass, tinted glass, heat reflective coated glass and LOW - E caused by glass, sandwich glass, toughened glass, hot bending glass or the like as the substrate.Hollow glass seal air, diffuse in the aluminum frame of the charging - efficiency molecular sieve adsorbent, becomes a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity of the dry air, and thus constitutes a heat insulation, sound insulation barrier.In this space is filled with inert gas, can be further improved by isolating, sound - damping properties.



Thermal Properties (. diamond - solid.: a performance is currently on all glass products and consum  in ideal conditions, it is possible to reduce heat transfer coefficient values, if filled with inert gas such as neon gas, ammonia, oxygen can be further reduced.

◆ sound ideal sound wave hollow glass can reduce noise by 30 decibel, if filled with inert gas can further reduce 5 decibel leftRight.

. diamond - solid. is not exposed to low temperature.Due to isolation within the town of tea without the foot or the like are dried, can be effectively adsorbed in the lumen and the outside world, the incorporation of water benefits the steam, collecting in the interior of the cleaning air absoluteDrying.

. diamond - solid. Optical properties: according to different product substrate may require the execution and became a more viable combination, achieve the required light transmittance and reflectance.

◆ lightweight: In interphase insulating effect of the closing member, the replacement of partial brick wall or concrete with IGU can reduce load of building renovation, the building structure is simplified.


*the scope of application

Extensively used in various building and window and door, indoor partition is fitted around the city.



◆ size: the largest, 1950* 2580 min addition to the m (manual); minimum: 250*450mm

◆ interval aluminum frame (conventional) thickness: 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm

. diamond - glass thickness: 3 - 19 as well as various combinations

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