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glass in the second half of season demand down prices are unlikely to see a rebound
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glass in the second half of season demand down prices are unlikely to see a rebound

Industry News
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2017/06/29 15:42

  In the short term, during the off - season on glass demand impact will continue, and by the high profits driven by manufacturers in the cold state of the will is not high, to highlight the imbalance between supply and demand, prices will also maintain the shock the weak trend.

  The cost of raw materials like soda ash by stabilising support, glass prices down in the relatively restricted space of the main contract in 1709 fell below 1,300 yuan / ton after the concern may be 1270 yuan / ton at the support, the above will continue to weigh on 1340 yuan / ton.

  Medium - and long - term, although the impacts of regulatory real estate is beginning to appear, the glass end product demand in estate, the newly started construction projects growth to remain high, the second half of its peak season demand drop probability is not large, so the price is poised for a rebound.