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Low season impact gradually diminished the steady recovery of glass prices
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Low season impact gradually diminished the steady recovery of glass prices

Industry News
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2017/06/29 15:40

  For the second time this week, Zheng Bo continued to rally, Wednesday on the probe 1300, the main contract 09 strong trading yesterday, regaining its 1360 yuan above, nearly a month of losses, with the launch of small volume.With the northern harvest of the rainy season in the south and ending at the end of the glass downstream demand has now shown signs of stabilizing, traders quoted prices in active down - regulated during replenishment, production, marketing, production was gradually restored to its previous level, and the inventory pressures easing significantly, some enterprises have begun to offer callbacks,China and South China in the early fall large scales. These factories are turning down offers at the end of the day, the spot market, the futures of the commodity on the black only substantially stronger, this week to push the glass futures prices continued rising.

  For the future, the current glass industry whether inventory or capacity of the release force in recent years in a low level, and newly started construction projects data remain high, it is to be expected in the second half of the estate completion for the drastic drop could be reduced. Moreover, the supporting glass can be the peak season of landing,Meanwhile soda and a feed end of the support is being strengthened, thus long glass there is further room to run, jumped yesterday after the short - term could in 1360 at the high level and, to the south end of the rainy season in July, needs further improvement, industry inventory in degree, glass futures that are expected to rise further.

  impact of season approaches the end, downstream of the gradual improvement in demand

  ince the start of june, the northern harvest approaches its climax, as well as of the beginning of the rainy season in the south, entering the traditional glass demand off, gradually weakening downstream demand, manufacturers of warehouse, inventory - to - month rise for two consecutive weeks, traders and consum enterprise procurement at a slow pace.while those of southern china. Some parts manufacturers to accelerate delivery to recoup the funds, while the portion of the leading enterprises in the annual report is considered, therefore began to build on the discount promotions, with the aim of accelerating the speed of the existing inventory de - stocking, Qibin, Lutheran and other enterprises, mainly in the south of other manufacturers to follow China. In addition, the price momentum gradually spread to other areas,Confidence in the market makes a difference.relative to China and South China, the sand is representative of the North China market atmosphere is relatively good, although in the seasons of environmental protection and supervision of production, marketing, production - on - month declines, stocks remained at a reasonable interval, and therefore many factories cut prices less willingness, with multiple price sales, where the part of small and medium - sized enterprises (SMEs) Capco down quote,But most companies' basic prices remained stable.As in the seasons while the northern and the southern end of the rainy season is weakened, spot market stabilised, and manufacturers gradually realized that in the off - season, even if the price of delivery has relatively less effect, so that the spot price started to fall, want to change the time space, to be in demand again after adjustment.And into July, with year - end report of listed companies reveal the companies late price adjustment may be reduced drastically, glass or the spot price will be stable and rebound.during the off - season demand, but the stock remains affordable

  in the off - season, glass falling downstream demand, manufacturers, warehouse, industry inventory after a three - week - on - month rise, compared to a year, is still near four - year low, the contrast in 2016, subject to the policy, the real estate market is recovering, house prices rose at their fastest pace for completion of 20%,"while the flat glass production by just 1.2 per cent to the formalization of 2. 5%, the contrast of buildings completed during the year - earlier period, slowed to 10 percent, while the rate of growth is 5 months of flat glass increased 8. 9%, and both ends in the weak demand in the last year, the absolute inventory is still lower than last year; while.From the Days of Inventory of the current inventory will be about 13. 1, 2013, 2016 and a year - on - year inventory days respectively (3, 13. 9, 2014, 2015 stock day 12. 5, 14. 7 days, still has a relatively low position.While the glass with the stock price is high, lower inventory pressures make production enterprises in the off - season prices will very high, while demand is better after a favorable price.Look from calendar year inventory levels, 7 - 9 months, industry inventory is generally a continuous fall in the September / October in the traditional peak season hitting a low for the year, therefore the inventory of drop glass support and is expected to continue to rise in price.

  prophase of real estate projects remain high, the glass could fall season

  Typically, the glass needs to lag the real - estate sales 2 - 3 in the fourth quarter of 2016 since sales continues to remain high, although the recent real estate regulation has started to work, but for a second - half glass demand has been relatively small, at the same time we see 5 months newly started construction projects growth has dropped sharply but is still above 10%,In the latter half of the houses will start the construction of high growth will make post completion rate may decrease, and historically, in the second half of the area of completed housing growth accounts for some 65 per cent, combined with the previous data of the newly - started, 9, 10 month season landing there is a greater probability.In late July, in accordance with an increase in the demand for glass house construction into the season, a low stock, the glass includes a further rise in the price of power, is expected to rise to the former.