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Environmental protection, to the southwest of anterior geometric glass emporium?
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Environmental protection, to the southwest of anterior geometric glass emporium?

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2017/08/22 09:21

  In the third installment of the Center for Environmental Protection Inspector reaction just completed soon, recently, the center of the fourth instalment of environmental inspection has commenced, the July 2016 Center's list of the first environmental inspector Inspectorate launched his fourth since the supervising department for environmental protection.It is understood that the afternoon of August 7, the center of the fifth environmental inspection team were on their way to Sichuan for the purposes of the First Inspector. It was the first instalment of the supervising department for environmental protection, to the top of the gun.

  During the surveillance, in addition to the quartz sand ore mining constrained, increase the enterprise cost and difficulty of the original procurement, the plant capacity without addressing the possible downgrade.Because the float glass quality are the feature of continuity, which accounts for soda ash downstream consumption accounted for 45% of the commencement of the load smoothly and flat glass, and soda ash demand little change.But the environmental impact of the mall expected, soda ash factory capacity have further downgrades likely, soda ash or aggravating a serious source of goods, plus the cost of soda has a strong price rise expectations.The continuous rising of the float glass sheet; and production cost.

  According to relevant requirements, Sichuan local portion of the float glass sheet from a foreign production 20 percent, but the amount of reduction that has resulted in the mall and demand improved.It is understood that the float down nearly 1 / 3 of businesses and consum . Environmental protection influence, or because of environmental protection - related issues must be shut down, or put forward rectification requirements, roughly, the Chengdu local shutdown of Silver Mirror, Tempered, edging) firms over 30.

  Environmental protection storm is double - edged sword.On the one hand, the raw - fuel supply that is caused by the original enterprise agile production cost increase, and the like superimposed and consumof demand - side up, the float glass sheet enterprise dilemma.On the other hand, it also brings with it a float glass sheet; and consum of another professional baptism, substandard enterprises shut down, foreshadowing the career of an increasingly normalized, reduced mall at cut - rate competition, competition, probably.Through the pain in the short term, the occupation will be increasingly towards the healthy direction.

But demand is important to note that the careers of ribald normative conduct cannot be achieved.In this long - term and gradual process in the same occupation will be met with significant challenges.It is understood that the original Sichuan local mall prices have dropped again, to the beginning of August and pull up returned to "zero", because the shipment, the original local commodity prices are likely to fall further, with the mall east of the country.Traditional glass professional season "Golden September and Silver October is approaching, the mall's southwest glass by tumbling, dealers are present in the second half of the mall's doubts gradually increase.After the terminal monitoring the demand for rapid correction, the original price of late to make the rising cost, these problems are affecting businesses in the second half of the expected.

In the face of the center of the supervising department for environmental protection of the storm again hit, the local government will undoubtedly face a more stringent environmental regulation requirements and tougher environmental accountability.Monitoring mission Wave after wave, Sichuan as one of the key points during the year, or will continue to carry the weight.Float glass from the profession, was the original facility still manages to retain a profit, but profit space will become tighter and consum downstream enterprises experience in an environmentally responsible, cost aspects will face again in the second half of 2017 as rising cost pressure.