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Do you know how to clean the glass of the building?
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Do you know how to clean the glass of the building?

Company News
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2017/08/22 09:20

  As the light - transmitting glass and wind shield materials, widely used in the construction industry.The past lighting as the main glass to modern glass will transform to trim the main, so much use of stained glass, profiled glass.Modern glass tower is a wall of glass covers, which shows a resplendent and magnificent, exquisite feeling.Visible glass materials in the construction industry in an important position.In each structure is bound to the cation coordination number of oxygen ions.Cations have greater field strengths, in the interior of the glass is balanced condition, while in the outer glass is in a non - equilibrium condition.It appears as the external force, so that the glass was very simple and the seizure of the surrounding medium.In addition, there were glass look odd is full of the microrelief of the cavernous, also very simple attachment of grime.In particular by adhesion of dust intruding into the inside of the sponge - like body, the onset of chemical reaction, form is more and more difficult to remove the grime.

  Because glass showed itself to be the force of the outer appearance and activity, and very simple biological and other organic reactive groups of the onset of chemical reaction, such as blood coagulation, which are easy to produce bio - glass on an outer mould, further absorption of carbon dioxide in the air, on the glass surface to form a corrosion, alkali - resistance glass is poor,Vulnerable to corrosion in an alkaline medium.These, with the result that the glass could be contaminated easily.In particular in high - rise building on the outer glass, contamination of the medium, the intense light, a never - ending day - night temperature difference and the transaction changes, the environment is very bad.

  Because the glass attributable to brittleness, is inlaid in the wooden or metal (or plastic, etc.) may have a structure in which a rubber adhesive (e.g., a putty in a sealed waterproof.Generally the glass passes through the plating film can be made of different colors are built using glass, sometimes through the general glass of film changes color and markings.These above - mentioned content in the glass when washing should be taken into account.

  Glass outer appearance of the facade of the building to grime and dirt should be no difference.So when the building exterior wall cleaning using the cleaning agent can be the same, the same cleaning process.Indeed, a variety of high - rise building exposed to the exterior of the primary glass, a non - glass portion of the structure alone.As the train waiting room, airport, museum halls, amusement parks, shopping malls, etc.Visible, of the modern high - rise building and public building exterior cleaning, it is essential for glass cleaning.

  Generally, the glass exterior and wrong polarity on an outer hydrophobic, cleaning shall give primary consideration to the exterior of the damp, moist, should choose the good appearance of the surfactant or organic solvent.Secondly, only after the recovery of hydrophobic properties.Using some of high hydrophobicity, has a light - transmissive brightness enhancement of the chemical composition, there is a class of light detergent product, after washing the glass outside a trace (e.g., membranes, patches, stripes, and do not harm the glass structure itself.Such compositions can be proposed to build a glass cleaning product of the first skills requirements:

  1, in which the appearance of flush with outstanding cleaning effect, no residue on the glass and coating damage.

  2, functional glass cleaner shall be of the cleaned glass is bright and has excellent hydrophobicity, anti - fog property is good.

  3. Washing the glass roof shall be useful to remove the accumulation of dust, cleaning glass straight appearance at the moment can be moist and rid of grime.

  4, low cleaning cost and no pollution to the surrounding environment, the cleaning agent that is harmless to humans.