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the environmental impact of the demand, the spot of the decrescent rise
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the environmental impact of the demand, the spot of the decrescent rise

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2017/08/26 19:30

  This week the glass in the spot market as a whole, production, marketing, overall balance, the regional differentiation is serious, the market price also rose.In the area, Shahe and Shandong and other regions affected by the downstream processors to the regulatory effects of the shutdown, the area within the range of short - term reduction in demand is relatively high, and also cause traders to increase their own delivery speed should be increased.South and Central China and other regions the overall trend of stable growth in market confidence.Short - term due to sporting events and large - scale activity are the factors which influence the operating rate of the downstream glass processing enterprises and real estate needs of architectural decoration of the event, more recently, such as the National Games in Tianjin, Xiamen of the BRICS meeting and Xingtai of cycling events and the like.

  Huadong glass this week since the spot market as a whole or the good, the production, marketing, maintaining last week the good market prices also had certain scope rise, typical of the traditional peak season.East China market as a whole to see the continuation of the good market last week, the warehouse of the production enterprises during the cultivation, stock traders also had been positive.South China, Middle China prices, to the East China market have a certain support role.In certain situation occurs during the second half of this week, with the result that market confidence has weakened.Shandong and Shahe and other regions in environmental regulation enterprise consum under the influence, operating rates have fallen drastically, and also reduces the consumption of raw glass.At present the production enterprises still hope for a speedy end to the downstream processing enterprises, so that the delivery of recovery to the normal state.

  This week, the South China market as a whole or the good, the warehouse of the production enterprises increased slightly compared to September, manufacturers offer also had certain scope rise, market confidence.Since the rest of the market prices, and high temperature weather gradually weakened, being beneficial to the increase in demand for glass.Although in the short term, such as a typhoon weather on transportation.Since there is currently not busy sales season in the south of the country, processing enterprise orders late on the increase.Central China market as a whole or the general, basic production enterprise can realize the balance of production and sales.

  This week North China market as a whole before inhibition, the warehouse of the production enterprises reduce the many - to - month comparison, the quoted prices.Shahe in the warehouse of the production enterprises fell last week and showed signs of weakening, traders at the market confidence insufficiency.Shandong is a major district and Shahe glass deep - processing enterprises subject to the regulatory effects of a shutdown, causing short - glass consumption on their numbers.Traders in part to the lack of confidence beginning to shift goods, with the result that market grain prices in the short term that suffered larger drop.Quoted prices stronger because of low inventories of the manufacturer and, on the other hand, the makers believe that later after restoration of production and processing enterprises, market demand will increase, and now it is not necessary to raise the prices.Meanwhile the price of soda is added to the cost of production has a certain pressure.

  This week in the southwest of the market as a whole fell slightly, the warehouse of the production enterprises is gradually restored to the normal state, some manufacturers offer modest increases.This week the northeast market as a whole or the normal, northwest of the market this week was good, the production business inventories fell, some manufacturers offer up.Downstream processing enterprises of orders.

  Future reviews:

  8 March for the east and north of coordination meetings since market, spot market experiences a certain rise in prices, traders and processing enterprises are also basically completed the inventory cycle turns.Seen from the same period of last year, highlights the extent to which this year with price rises and weak speed by this time last year, and later the market confidence insufficiency.Seen from the downstream market, real estate adjustment policies under the influence of the processing enterprise orders was weaker than last year at the same time.Another important influence factors on glass consumption of processing enterprises is discontinued.Sichuan, Shandong and Hebei areas and consum enterprises successively discontinued, Tianjin and Xiamen National Games of the recent BRICS meetings will also influence the short - term real estate construction and consum enterprises of commencement.Warehouse of the production enterprises to maintain stability and inventory pressure is not large.Export factories are large in number, the processing order generally local enterprises