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Xingning Xingguang square

Xingning Xingguang square

Classical Case
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2018/08/08 14:34

Zhen Ning Xingguang square is located in the south of the Yangtze River in Nanning, Guangxi. It is the key project in the reconstruction of the old city of the Jiangnan District of Nanning. It is also a pilot project for the first batch of Nanning city to collect the social funds to raise the old city and promote the transformation of the old city. The base is located at the intersection of the Xingguang road and the pavilion Hong Road. The total area of the project was 30530.56. 30530.56㎡


In 2018, Hua Kai glass provided 10000 curtain wall LOW-W glass to Zhen Xing Xingguang square.